Food Connoisseur

This is possibly one of the toughest jobs that anyone can ever want. Not only must you be able to recomend some of the most amazing food in Dubai, you must also be able to make the strongest of coffees. Think you have what it takes to become the next Brndstr Food Connoisseur?


  • Recommend food based on querying colleagues' stomachs directly (stomach whispererer)
  • Cheery but not creepy smile
  • Repair rollerblades and other various office paraphernalia
  • Cajole restaurant owners into providing massive meal discounts


  • Eats food while playing ping pong
  • Holds a PHD in Ordering Takeout with 15+ years minimum working in the field
  • Humble and family ties to Royalty
  • Skilled in filibustering telephone solicitors
  • Expert at pool volleyball and forging Damascus steel
  • Strong desire to not take bribes in massive denominations
  • Knows that this job position is not real