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a realtime studio for brands

Social Ambassadors

As a user of social media you will either Vlog, Blog, Pin, Tweet or Share content on your digital channel. By joining our network of influencers and becoming a Brndstr - you are able to create your own unique profile that Brands use to help them find their next Social Ambassador.

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Creative House

We work in close partnership with social networks to build custom, realtime solutions for brands. As a client of Brndstr you get direct access to our team of creative designers and API engineers, who together - build you that unique, engaging content for your brand.

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Brndstr Labs

Our innovation lab is where we let the creative minds at Brndstr run free. We believe it is important to be at the forefront of technology and encourage our engineers to experiment with new ideas. When something is developed that stands out, it gets packaged up and launched as a Labs Project.

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