Who seeks shall find

I included a #tag but the reply sent me to the FAQ page.
Firstly double check the spelling. Brndstr will only reply to you with a campaign link if you match the #tag identically. Each #tag acts as a unique trigger, however Brndstr will only reply a maximum of 3 times for any unique #tag campaign.
Is it possible to do a task without using Twitter?
Yes, you can simply enter the #tag directly into However if the task is a ‘Twitter’ task such as tweet, re-tweet or follow then you must have a valid Twitter Account to complete the challenge.
What are the numbers (1) in brackets at the end of the tweets @Brndstr sends?
Every tweet we send has a number related to the #tag campaign. For example if you were to have tweeted #help 8 times then the 8th reply would include (8) at the end. Brndstr will ONLY send a maximum of 3 replies for individual campaigns. For #help and group lists there is no limit.
I have sent a tweet but did not receive a reply.
Other than Group lists and the #help tag Brndstr will only reply to you a maximum of 3 times per #tag. In addition we only allow a maximum of 10 replies an hour for anyone campaign. If you are still not receiving a reply and do not have a protected account please contact [email protected]
My account is protected, can I still do campaigns?
Having a protected account will not allow Brndstr to reply, these are the restrictions set in place by Twitter. If you have a protected account you can still complete Brndstr campaigns via the website or on the mobile app. We will be releasing the ability for all users to be a Brndstr via Twitter very soon.
How do I get a personalised nickname and avatar?
You can choose a personalised nickname and avatar by visiting the profile page once you are logged in.
I have completed a task, how do I access my voucher?
When you successfully complete a task you will automatically unlock a reward voucher. If you are using Twitter, Brndstr will tweet you the link to your voucher which can be found in the 'mentions' section. If you are on a web browser simply login and choose 'Wallet' from the menu.
How long do I have to use my voucher?
From the day you receive your voucher you have 30 days to redeem before it expires and becomes invalid.
I downloaded the Scnnr app but can’t log in.
The Scnnr App is only available for Brands. It is used by merchants to redeem vouchers at their venues. Every Brand who creates a campaign with Brndstr receives access to the Scnnr App.